Pricing, Packages & Programs


Will my health insurance cover the cost of hypnosis?
Insurance plans do not cover the cost of Catalyst Hypnosis Center’s services. Some HSA’s will allow for reimbursement for hypnosis services – check with your Human Resources department to see if you are eligible. 


Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. Catalyst Hypnosis Center accepts all major credit cards.


What are your session fees and how long are the sessions?
The initial session cost for individuals is $175 (includes reinforcement CD) and reinforcement sessions are $125 each. The cost for group sessions are $95 per individual for groups of 2 people, $85 per individual for groups of 3-4 people and $75 per individual for groups of 5-6 people. Sessions last approximately 75-90 minutes for initial sessions and 45-60 minutes for reinforcement sessions. 

*Smoking and Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis are only offered as programs and are not offered on a per session basis. See below for program costs.


What’s the difference between a group session and a private 1-on-1 session?
The major difference between a group and a private session is that a group session is more generalized than a private session. Groups consist of 2-6 people working on a similar issue (weight loss, stress management, etc.). In a private session, the suggestions are more personalized and based on the client’s specific needs and desires, whereas in a group session the suggestions are more general so that they can apply to more people. The other difference is the cost.


How many sessions will I need?
Every client is different, and hypnotherapy sessions are not “one size fits all.” Clients may get results in as little as one or two sessions, but commonly more sessions are needed over a longer period, especially if the unwanted behavior has been habitual for many years. You will receive an estimate during your consultation of how many sessions may be needed.


Do you offer packages?
Yes. Prices for packages are as follows:

Package Price
3 sessions with CD $390
4 sessions with CD $510
5 sessions with CD $625
6 sessions with 2 CDs $725
8 sessions with 2 CDs $925

What are the costs for the Virtual Gastric Band & the Smoking Cessation programs?

The Virtual Gastric Band Program is a 5 session program and includes 5 take home CD’s. Each session lasts on average 1 ½ – 2 hours. The program cost is $950.

*Please see the Virtual Gastric Band page for more information.

The Smoking Cessation Program is a 3 session program and includes 2 take home CD’s. Each session lasts on average 1 ½ – 2 hours. The program cost is $425.


Do you offer the Virtual Gastric Band & the Smoking Cessation programs for groups?
Yes. Both the Virtual Gastric Band Program and the Smoking Cessation Program are offered to groups. All participants receive their own take home CDs. The costs are as follows:

Virtual Gastric Band Group prices: $550 per individual

*Please see the Virtual Gastric Band page for more information.

Smoking Cessation Group prices are $275 per individual.


Do you make personalized hypnosis CD’s and MP3’s?
Yes. After reviewing your goals and the issues you would like addressed, a personalized CD and/or MP3 can be made. The cost for a personal CD/MP3 is $300.




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