Are you ready for a change?
Do you truly want to be successful?
Then hypnosis can help you achieve your goals.
Hypnosis can help release the habits and unhealthy patterns preventing you from achieving your goals.

Clients seek out hypnosis and hypnotherapy services for many reasons. Some of the more common issues for which clients seek out hypnotherapy include – weight lossstress managementconcentration and memory improvement,sleep improvementovercoming procrastinationquitting smokingimproving self-confidenceeliminating a bad habit, overcoming guilt or grief, improving creativity, improving public speaking skills, improving study habits,overcoming fears or phobias, enhancing sports performancehelp with relationship issues, empowerment issues and a wide range of other issues. Whether you are looking to resolve an issue or are interested in self-improvement, hypnosis can be the catalyst to bring you success.

At Catalyst Hypnosis Center, we empower our clients to create permanent and lasting changes by utilizing programs that combine Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Strategic Intervention Coaching. Our programs are not one size fits all. Our skilled hypnotists will work with you to develop a program that will get you the best results. We offer individualized hypnotherapy sessions, group hypnosis sessions, classes and corporate programs.

Having helped a countless number of clients achieve their goals, Catalyst Hypnosis Center has quickly become one of Massachusetts leading lifestyle improvement centers. Conveniently located in Norwell, Massachusetts, we provide hypnosis sessions to clients residing in Boston, Cape Cod and the entire South Shore region of Massachusetts. For those who are unable to travel, we offer hypnosis downloads, hypnosis CDs, and skype sessions.

Kerrilee Pietroski, owner of Catalyst Hypnosis Center, is proud to be the first and only practitioner in the country who is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and a Certified Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner. This unique combination of trainings has enabled her to develop effective programs to help clients change their habits and approaches towards food and diet so they can have lasting weight loss success.

I have been very successful with this program.

I am much happier and more positive. I am not thinking about food like other programs I’ve done. You have met all my expectations. I was hoping to lose weight and I have succeeded thanks to your program.

Denise B. Hingham, MA (Overcome Bad Eating Habits)

A friend recommended it and I would say I’ve been very successful.

I feel more in control and it’s not the diet controlling me. I really like this program because it is not about dieting, it is about ‘mindful’ eating.

Geraldine G. Brockton, MA (Virtual Gastric Band)

The experience has been wonderful.

The experience has been wonderful. I am down 8+ pounds, feeling guilt free and eating healthier. My blood sugar has been much better and I’m not feeling deprived. It is quite freeing to be able (allowed) to eat anything. My sugar cravings have virtually disappeared. I am happy to be on this journey rather than dreading it. It is an excellent program!

Lorrie G. Randolph, MA (Weight Loss)

My results have been very positive.

It works and brings positivity to everyday. It’s been a positive experience and keeps me achieving my goals a little at a time. I appreciate your calming way of suggestion.

Jim C. Marshfield, MA (Procrastination)

The hypnosis has been life changing.

I feel so relieved and free. I’m positive I will meet my goals and continue a healthy lifestyle. This is a life changer. This positively impacts your mind and body to be healthy and happy with no stress. You’ve exceeded my expectations. I’m so thrilled I found you.

Halcyone H. Provincetown, MA (Virtual Gastric Band)

This has been amazing.

I have more energy and focus than I’ve had in years. I feel like I will finally conquer my life long dream of maintaining a healthy weight. The atmosphere is very calming, relaxing and positive. The method is not about deprivation which feels very different than most weight loss experiences. This program has been life changing and I would highly recommend the program to family and friends.

K.N. Norwell, MA (Virtual Gastric Band)

I came to curb eating habits, snacking at night and overeating to lose weight.

My clothes are already fitting better. I don’t think about food like I used to. I am not looking forward to my next meal before I finish what I currently have. This has definitely met my expectations and Kerrilee was great.

Stephanie W. Quincy, MA (Virtual Gastric Band)

I’ve had a great improvement after just the first session.

The public speaking seems to happen naturally now and without any effort. I feel much more confident about public speaking and my professional career moving forward.

Erin B. Hull, MA (Public Speaking)

This has been life changing!

I feel great, more positive about myself. I have successful shed 24 pounds and have the tools to continue on my own. I no longer feel miserable and obsessed with food. This feels sustainable. I can do this for life. I feel this is a more realistic, healthier approach to food. You have exceeded my expectations. This is an awesome program!

Michelle A. Brockton, MA (Virtual Gastric Band)

This has been an extremely positive experience.

Since the first session I have not even felt tempted to smoke. I am a non-smoker! I am a happy, health non-smoker! No cravings, no stress – EASY! Easier than I could have hoped for. Thank you so much. I am so happy with the results!

Christine B. Dunstable, MA (Quit Smoking)

I feel calmer and less embarrassed about my weight.

It’s the first time trying hypnosis and this method takes away the hating of your self. It has been very informative, lots of information shared and lots of time spent.

Barbara M. Hull, MA (Weight Loss)

I have lost almost 20 pounds in 5 weeks.

I’m feeling much more confident now. I’m feeling more in control. I also don’t feel deprived of the food I want. I have tried everything else with no success. I feel in control for the first time in a long time. Thank you so much!

Jennifer F. W. Bridgewater, MA (Virtual Gastric Band)

I have had a steady weight loss since joining.

I feel much better physically as well as mentally. I don’t feel like I’m dieting. I enjoy being able to eat what I like, just less of it! I found the program to be easy to follow, manageable time wise and worth the investment.

Melinda L. Bridgwater (Virtual Gastric Band)

This has been amazing.

I have more energy and focus than I’ve had in years. I feel like I will finally conquer my life long dream of maintaining a healthy weight. The atmosphere is very calming, relaxing and positive. The method is not about deprivation which feels very different than most weight loss experiences. This program has been life changing and I would highly recommend the program to family and friends.

K.N. Norwell, MA (Virtual Gastric Band)

Virtual Gastric Band is fantastic and very effective!!!

D.L. Hingham, MA (Virtual Gastric Band)

I lost 5 pounds, 3 ½ inches in 3 weeks

and my blood pressure is the lowest in years….all without dieting!!

C.K. Easton, MA (Virtual Gastric Band)

This program has been fantastic.

I have no cravings and am feeling very good. This has been the easiest time I’ve had quitting compared to other programs. There’s not as much pressure to quit – it’s almost like its happening in the background. I was definitely a skeptic before coming, but after working with Donna I am now a firm believer!

C.V. Quincy, MA (Quit Smoking)

This has been completely different.

I have tried all types of diets, none ever worked. Hypnosis has been the best decision I have made. I have been very successful and enjoy listening to the CD nightly. This has exceeded my expectations and Donna is wonderful!

Lauren P. Whitman, MA (Weight Loss)

I’ve lost 11.4 pounds during the five weekly sessions.

Everything about this program has been unique. This is like nothing else I’ve ever tried. I’ve seen terrific weight loss in just four weeks.

John W. Kingston, MA (Virtual Gastric Band)

I have been able to drop 11 pounds in a month

which I haven’t been able to do for a long time. I finally feel like I’m in control of my binge eating and cravings for junk food. I also feel like I am sleeping better and feeling more relaxed and energetic. It’s been an enjoyable 5 weeks. Thank you.

Lisa H. Middleboro, MA (Virtual Gastric Band)

I have found your program very helpful in creating a starting point for my journey ahead.

The conversations and knowledge provided about sugar, processed food and how all of this has led to where I am today has helped me breakdown some erroneous thoughts. The most unique is the shift to placing the power back in my hands, head and subconscious. The messages I can tell myself are far more supportive than the messages of denial or deprivation. The CD’s, the sessions and the education are the right building blocks for me. I really connected with them and therefore feel like they will stay with me as tools for my journey.

Doreen D. Medford, MA (Improve Eating and Alcohol Habits)

I can’t say enough about Kerrilee and Catalyst Hypnosis Center.

Her warm and gentle nature made me feel comfortable and at ease from the moment I met her. Not to mention the results from the hypnosis session. I was anxious about passing my nursing exam. But after seeing Kerrilee, my anxiety was gone, my focus and concentration was greatly improved and my memory recall was spot on. I passed my exam with flying colors! I was so impressed, that I recommended her to my sister for weight loss. (She’s already lost 10 pounds since being hypnotized!)

J. T. Hanover, MA (Focus, Concentration and Memory Recall)

I have found it very helpful

not just for food lifestyle changes but a form of stress relief and improves happiness in general. I like that I am not counting calories, rather just eating mindfully. I have less desire for items I used to crave, am happier and motivated in the process. I ‘got rid’ of weight, am happier and feeling better overall. I don’t want to stop coming. This truly has been the most positive experience I have had with regards to my weight and wellbeing overall. Thank you Kerrilee!!

Beth E. Norwell, MA (Virtual Gastric Band)

I feel this has been very helpful and successful.

I am eating much less and I don’t feel like I am dieting. This is a lifestyle change for me. I don’t feel like I am dieting or ‘going without’. I pay more attention to my body and feelings of hunger and fullness instead of following a diet. No cravings at all. I can’t believe how well this is working and how my mindset has changed. Plus, I love how relaxing the home sessions are. I feel like I’m finally on the path that will lead me to good health and the life I want to live. Thank you!

Sharon V. Whitman, MA (Virtual Gastric Band)

This has been very successful.

It targets behavior changes that will last rather than a diet ‘bandaid’. I noticed that I was making different choices without stress or feeling deprived. I would definitely refer others to this service. It’s a much better approach to dealing with issues surrounding weight loss. Kerrilee is supportive and positive. Very comfortable atmosphere.

Kathleen R. Falmouth, MA (Virtual Gastric Band)

The hypnosis has helped me to stop overeating at night.

I feel more in control of my eating, not helpless to it. It’s been very successful. It has been a natural progression as opposed to forced willpower. I feel as though I have lost some weight and am finally not owned by food. Thanks for the help with an issue that has been with me a long time.

Carol K. Plymouth, MA (Weight Loss)

Overall, the program has been very successful.

I have been able to lose weight without depriving myself of foods I like. I never felt deprived. I ate what I wanted when I was truly hungry. I definitely feel better about myself and my overall weight. This has been such a positive experience. Thank you so much for your encouragement!

Suzan N. Stoughton, MA (Overcome Food Addiction)

The hypnosis has been very successful.

I have lost 6 pounds and feel great. This has been liberating for me. I have gotten rid of weight without dieting. The guilt of eating is gone. I have emotionally felt a big success. Thank you for your help.

C.M. Mashpee, MA (Weight Loss)

This has been fabulous.

I have dropped 21.2 pounds so far and feel great! My clothes are too big and my smaller/older clothes are fitting again. I don’t know what else to say except – it works!!! I don’t feel the least bit deprived. I’m rarely hungry and I can easily recognize head hunger from real hunger. It’s not a diet!!!

Maureen C. Hull, MA (Virtual Gastric Band)

The Virtual Gastric Band is great!

I lost 20 pounds and almost 6 inches [in 4 weeks] with no stress or anxiety.

L.M. Whitman, MA (Virtual Gastric Band)

I’ve been very successful.

Things don’t bother me the way they use to. I’ve tried other methods before and they didn’t work. But after working with Kerrilee I’ve been able to really relax and feel much better about myself. Thank you!!!

Katelyn P. Duxbury, MA (Anxiety and Self-Esteem)

You showed me the way to return to healthy eating.

The habits are building and I feel free of the burden of food. It has given me the chance to relax into how I eat, opposed to fighting how I eat. I just feel lighter and free. I feel like my body and mind are no longer battling. I now have a peacefulness around food, eating and my body that I have not had in a long time. Thank you!!!

Kim K. Pembroke, MA (Virtual Gastric Band)

OMG…the hypnosis worked!

I forgot that I had a meeting at work today, I asked questions, and made suggestions…and felt extremely comfortable, this is crazy…you have no idea how excited I am, does it really work this fast??? I have my school presentation tomorrow, so we will see how the speech goes…THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

R.B. Pembroke, MA (Public Speaking and Confidence)

Hypnosis - the catalyst to change your thoughts, change your habits and CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


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