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 Are You Ready to Quit Smoking?


Wouldn’t you like to take back control of your life and STOP SMOKING FOR GOOD?

And wouldn’t you like to do this with:

·      NO Withdrawal

·      NO Cravings

·      NO Weight Gain?

You probably know that smoking kills 10% of the world population every year – that’s one every 8 seconds – and that more than 1 in 5 deaths in the U.S. are attributable to smoking. Most smokers in the state of Massachusetts spend at least $70/week, $303/month, or $3,640/year on cigarettes.


Quit Smoking

The Only Thing That Prevents You From Quitting Is Fear


· Fear that you will have to survive an endless period of misery, deprivation, and unsatisfied craving in order to be free.

· Fear that a meal or a social occasion will never be quiet as enjoyable without a cigarette.

· Fear that you’ll never be able to concentrate, handle stress or be as confident without your crutch.

· Fear that your personality and character will change.

· But most of all, the fear of “once a smoker, always a smoker’ – that you will never be completely free and will spend the rest of your life craving the occasional cigarette.

And those fears do not exist exclusively in your mind – there is a physical component to it as well. When nicotine leaves your body, it creates an empty, insecure feeling. By smoking another cigarette you replace the nicotine and get rid of that feeling. You feel less nervous and more relaxed than you did the moment before you lit up. And the vicious cycle continues.

The Good News Is That You Can End the Vicious Cycle and Put Your Fears to Rest with the Help of Hypnosis.

 According to an article in the New Scientist in 1992, “Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison on ways of breaking the habit.” The article reported on research done by scientists at Iowa University who studied the results of 600 studies of a total of nearly 72,000 people in Europe and the USA who had successfully quit smoking.

Because of this, hypnotherapy is fast becoming the therapeutic modality of choice for smoking cessation. A gentle yet powerful approach, hypnotherapy is gaining acceptance in mainstream medicine as more and more medical practitioners refer their clients to hypnotherapists.

There Are Many Advantages to Quitting Smoking Through the Use of Hypnosis

· For one, hypnosis addresses the emotional and psychological aspects of smoking and quitting. This is striking because common smoking cessation methods (such an anti-smoking pills and nicotine replacement therapy) treat smoking as a physical addiction alone. Hypnosis, however, targets the unconscious mental and emotional associations in the subconscious mind which underlies the smoking habit. For this reason, hypnosis is likely to be a long-term, permanent solution for smoking cessation since it gets at the root of the problem (subconscious motivations and triggers.)

· Hypnosis also weakens physical cravings by inducing relaxation and reducing stress, and by tapping into the mind’s power to cope with withdrawal symptoms.

· Compared to drug interventions, hypnosis yields no side effects and withdrawal symptoms are rarely reported with this method. It is a drug-free, all-natural therapy that taps into a person’s subconscious, helping you harness your mind’s healing power and your inherent ability to change your life.

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Isn't it time you take back control of your life and become a happy and healthy Non-Smoker. Our clients have been able to quit smoking for good. So can YOU!



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